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    Governance Dashboard 1.0 error


      I have installed Governance Dashboard 1.0 verison on the QlikView 11 SR2 Server.


      I get the following error when trying to scan all the projects which reside under Projects folder on shared drive.

      Ex: \\<Server name>\i$\Qlikview\PROD\Projects


      eTool.exe has stopped working. when I close the program from the pop up box i get the Script Error:


      Table not found



               1 as MaxID,

                Max(LoadDate) as MaxLoadDt

      Resident FileList


      when I hit on ok on Error pop up box I get the following Script Error pop up:


      Table not found

      DROP TABLES statement


      List of file Paths to scan:


      when I change the location to specific project inside the Project folder it scans fine. EX: \\<Server name>/i$\Qlikview\PROD\Projects\<Project Name>



      Can someone help me to resolve this issue so I can scan all the projects at one time.

        • Re: Governance Dashboard 1.0 error
          Tyler Waterfall

          smithanarne –

          The Governance Dashboard requires that you specify non-UNC root folders as it cannot resolve the folder contents directly for a UNC root. (see http://community.qlik.com/message/283388#283388)

          You can do as you have done by pointing to specific subfolders within that UNC root path.


          Or you could share one folder up from that UNC root folder so that it is no longer a UNC root. In other words, you could share the “PROD” folder in your example.

          Ex: \\<Server name>\i$\Qlikview\PROD\Projects

          If it is the case that you are already sharing the PROD folder, could you try placing an empty text file in that folder?

          Also, is it possible that the PROD folder itself has security permissions? Perhaps the subfolders have more open permissions?