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    scripting error



      Am trying to load flight data using the script editor of my personal edition, but i can't, I get the error message:The system cannot find the file specified. I see the file there. Can someone help please.


      P.S I've checked my security and I do have full permissions (admin), and the spaces in my script are bordered with [ ] as supposed

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Make sure you specify the correct path to the file. If you use only the filename without a path and you save the qvw document in another location then the file you want to load won't be found. The script error dialog will show the complete path+filename where QV expects to find the file.


          An example: I created an qvw document that loads an excel file that exists in the same directory. Then I saved the qvw document to another folder. When trying to reload I get the error:


          I moved the qvw document to another folder, i.e. D:\QVdata\temp. I used a relative path to the source excel document, i.e. FROM [salestodate.xls]. QV now shows that it expects to find that file in D:\QVdata\temp\salestodate.xls. And it doesn't exist there because I only movedthe qvw document in that location and left the excel file in the original location.