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    Append data in the next run to an existing table in QVW


      I am doing an extraction from SAP Bex Query using an OLAP Connector. I have loaded the history data full 2 years  into a qvw. and it took 20 mins to load from the source. Now i want to load only previous month using the same bex query - i have changed the filters in the bex query so that it loads only previous month.

      I tried JOIN, ADD and CONCATENATE - they seem to wipe the data in the existing table and then reload as per the current status of the Bex query. How do we handle this scenario . I do not want to bring qvd into the picture as there is not much logic or transformations in this dataflow. It is a straight forward dataflow from SAP to Qlikview.





      TABLE1 is the table existing in the QVW


      CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=QvSAPOLAPConnector.dll;ASHOST=XXXXX.com;SYSNR=10;CLIENT=321;Log=1;XUserId=XXXX;XPassword=XXX;";
      Add Load *;
      Select PseudoMDX D (
      Dimensions (
        [0TCTUSERNM] (),
        [0CALMONTH] (),
        [0CALYEAR] ()),
      Measures (
        [4TC1SH1UDPDJHAM5ERQSJYR9T].[4UKQXM7GX1C2JXPB8CPY8UDU9], //No. of Navigations
        [4TC1SH1UDPDJHAM5ERQSJYR9T].[4UKQXLZSE2QD1B5V2INLYSF4H], //No. of Sessions
      From (Bex Query));