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    Server installation and configuration steps requaired.

    Jairaj Singh

      Hi All,

      I want to install Qlikview Server on windows 8.

      After installation what settings are requaired to run my qvw file in browser.

      Can any one please let me know is there any file or pdf is available for this.

      I am installing Qlikview Server first time so I dont have any idea about server.

      So please help me regarding this from scratch.

      And also let me know how to create access point from where I can run my application in my android device.


      Thanks in advance for your support.

        • Re: Server installation and configuration steps requaired.

          Try Below process

          Software Required


          1. Qlikview and Associated Software Required :
            1. Microsoft dot net framework 4.0
            2. Qlikview Server x64 (Make : 11.0.11414.0)
            3. Qlikview Desktop Version x64 (Make : 11.0.11414.0)
            4. Qlikview Connector for SAP (Make : 5.50.8698.0)
            5. Qlikview License Details 


          Server Setup  


          1. Checked in local desktop whether the port 7443
            enabled (MSTSC login)
          2. Logged on to the server with the credential
            provided by the server team (user1)
          3. Created one admin user “qvadmin” (pwd : ***)
            in the server
          4. Installed Dot Net framework and re-started the
          5. Installed QV Server application (using
          6. Installed QV Desktop application (using
          7. Install QV Connector application (using
          8. Re-started the server
          9. Re-started all the qlikview services (total 5)
          10. Applied doc cal license on one test application and checked from the
            local machine whether port 80 is active
          11. Opened one qlikview blank application to check whether port 4747 is
            active. In this case it opened in personal edition mode



          Hope it will help u