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    QV Reload does not complete.

      Hi Qlikies,


      I am facing a issue ,server is 11.20SR2

      Test Application when reloaded through management console (By clicking on start button on  tasks tab) does not get completed .

      The application does not contain any database connection ,just a inline table .  The log file reads



      7/22.201315:21:20.8770928 InformationLoading document "E:\Qlikview\Viktest.qvw(0.13Mb)

      7/22.201315:21.21.7092834 InformationLoading.LoadTime=00:00:01.01.040260

      7/22.201315:21:22.4770928 InformationLoading.LoadTime=00:00:03

      7/22.201315:21:23.5770928 InformationLoading.LoadTime=00:00:07

      7/22.201315:21:24.6770928 InformationLoading.LoadTime=

      7/22.201315:21:25.8770928 InformationLoading.LoadTime=

      this goes on and on andon till I wont forcefully abort the task



      Any one else facing the same issue and any help would be appreciated