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    Help with a Simple Graph to track Balance

      Hello !


      I have a database of balance values, where each row has the balance for a given day, like this :


           BDATE;    BALANCE

        4/1/2010;   74.016,72

        6/1/2010;  74.538,97

        7/1/2010;  74.452,66

        8/1/2010;  74.749,34

        9/1/2010;  74.789,94

      11/1/2010;  74.789,94

      13/1/2010;  74.805,88

      14/1/2010;  74.879,12

        5/2/2011;  89.529,14

         6/3/2012;  90.589,14


      Notice that some days are not tracked.


      I need to build a line graph where I can see the balance trend. Also, need to view it sometimes on a daily view, sometimes per month and other times per year.


      However, I can not use "sum" on the graph cause then I would have the sum of the balances of the month for instance. That's not correct. On a monthly view, I could have for instance the latest balance value on the month , or the average balance value, or even, the balance of the very first day of the month. The same concept when regarded to a year view of the values.


      I have provided a sample kit, with data included, so that your tests can be easier.


      Thanks in advance for your support and sorry for such a silly question !