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    Alternate states issue

      Good day,



      I am busy with a alternate state solution: (Please see attached)


      See below for the Alternate states of the objects:


      • Sheet:       Default
      • AAA: StateA
      • BBB:  StateB
      • CCC:  Default


      The issue is, I need the legend description to change when I select different BS groups (in AAA and BBB).

      e.g. when I select "Nett Income" from AAA, the legend description for the blue line must read " Nett Income " but

      AAA is in "StateA", not the default state like the graph, so I need to use {StateA} in the expression.


      This is what I wanted to use:


      =GetFieldSelections ({StateA} [ManAcc Definition])


      but this is not allowed.


      Is there any other way?


      Please help...