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    Variable in data name

    Karolina Papaj



      I would like to have dynamicly choosen data by qv document.


      Let assume I want to dispaly data [Financial.NOS 2013] and [Financial.NOS 2014].

      Since 1.01.2014 I would like to display data [Financial.NOS 2014] and [Financial.NOS 2015].


      From script i'm loading:

      let vCurrentYear=Year(Today());

      let vNextYear=$(vCurrentYear)+1;


      I want to display the data in the bar chart as expression. If I put in label

      ='NOS  '&$(vCurrentYear)


      ='NOS  '&$(vNextYear)

      it is displayed correctly.


      However if I do similar in definition:

      ='[Financial.NOS '&$(vCurrentYear)&']'


      ='[Financial.NOS '&$(vNextYear)&']'

      it does not show any data.


      Does anyone know how can I put variable in data name?