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    Transforming data from an Array into QV

    Sunil Kenth



      I have a challenge whereby one of the fields in my table is an array and I need to transform this array into separate rows of data. The Challenge I have is that the table contains two types of ID’s; PersonID and AssetID, therefore using something like Subfield() doesn’t work for me.


      If you look at the example application attached, you will see there is a field called ‘customers_shared:hierarchy_members’, this field contains values of PersonID’s and AssetID’s for each Hierarchy_ID that I need to extract.  If you look closer at this field, in some instances, both PersonID’s and AssetID’s are on the same row (see example bookmark).


      How can I transform this array so that I get separate fields and rows for each PersonID and AssetID?


      Many thanks in advance for your help on this.


      Kind regards,