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    Max number of reload tasks simultaneousissue

      Hi Dear QV Fanatics,


      I was wondering if anybody could lent me a hand here.

      I scheduled my tasks daily on 10:00. I know there is a setting in qds that maximise the total number of task simultaneous. But for some reason thats being ignored or i din't config it correctly.


      All the jobs now start simultaneous....



      Enterprice server

      Publisher server


      Server specs:

      4 core CPU 2.40GHz

      60 GB RAM

      64bit windows8 server.


      Current settings:

      QlikView Management Console > System > Distribution Services > Advanced :

      Max number of simultaneous QlikView engines for distribution: 3 (default 4)

      Max number of simultaneous QlikView engines for administration:20


      I've checked the config.xml of qds and it contains the same settings.



      Hopefully someone can send me in the correct direction.


      Thanks in advance!