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    Dynamic loading broken by single quotes

      I am building dynamic load scripts based on header rows in CSV files.  The code works fine on my computer, loading various tables with slightly different structures, but the script errors on my client's system because QV is turning single quotes into multiple single quotes - 2, 3, 4, sometimes even 7 contiguous single quotes.  I have tried stripping the resultant load string of quotes, but on my client's system, when I put the single quotes back, QV turns them into two single quotes.  Both systems are running QV11 SR2.  Is there some setting to get around this?  

      It looked like concat() would solve this string building issue, replacing multiple, looped ampersand concatenations with a single, clean statement, but I cannot figure out how to get the string created by concat() to expand within the load script.  It displays a string in a text box with single quotes intact, but adamantly refuses to expand as a load string in the ETL script.