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    How to show (single) delayed orders in existing Pivot table? (not just the count)

    Peter Schulz



      I have a Pivot table with Week as Dimension and some expressions. With those expressions I sum orders by their category.


      For example I count total number of orders, orders which are on time and orders with delay.


      looks like this:


      YEAR - Week
      2013 - 30
      On Time19
      Delay < 1 Month5
      Delay 1 to 3 month1



      Now I want to expand the table with rows like this

      YEAR - Week
      2013 - 30
      1st delayed order'Order No' & 'Order Name' & ' Customer' & 'delay in days:' & [delay]
      2nd'Order No' & 'Order Name' & ' Customer' & 'delay in days:' & [delay]

      10 ...


      Is it possible? And do I have to pre calculate a field for that in the script?


      I appreciate any ideas to solve this issue.


      - PS -