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    Section Access on QVW in Qlikview Access Point

      Hi All


      I dowloaded "Introduction to Section Access" by Gustav Guldberg and followed his instructions.

      1. I created a Hidden Script and >Insert>Section Access>Inline as follows:

           USER,      NTNAME,                     REPREGIONNEW     //where REPREGIONNEW is the field in my QVW i want to limit users to//

           ADMIN,     TEDDER.BRUCE,          

           USER,      WIGSTONE.SHAUN,     Cape Town     


      2. I did Document Properties> Opening >Initial Data Reduction Based on Section Access with Strict Exclusion and prohibit Binary Load

      3. I did Document Properties> Security >Only ticked Reduce Data and Admin Override Security

      4. Reloaded and saved to my AccessPoint QVDeploy folder.


      5. When the user Wigston.Shaun opened the Access Point, he was asked for his NTName and Passord.

      6. He was able to see the QVW and clicked on it.



      He was still have to see all the other REPREGIONNEW entries and was NOT limited to only Cape Town as loaded in my Section Access.


      Please help me as I cannot deploy until I have this corrected.