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    Dynamic aggregation

      Hi guys,


      I ask your help to solve a little big issue


      I have a table like this:


      Marker   Marker2   Data  Month ....

      zee         zee         5

      bfr         zee           7

      tfr          gip           8


      The list of Marker and of Marker2 is the same...and in my table I have a row for all the possible combination between Marker and Marker2.


      Marker2 is a sort of aggregation of Marker.


      In the presentation layer the user wants to choose which marker2 have to correspond to  a marker. IN other words Marker2 is an aggregation of Marker and the user wants to create this aggregation in the presentation layer dynamically.



      The number of Marker/Marker2 can change



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          Varun Prakash Paulraj

          Please explain the question in detail with full table structure and a example.



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              Ok...I will try...


              My goal is to calculate the exposure to risk (in terms of money) of my sales of raw materials.


              The risk is due to a series of risk factors (=marker). For example the USD rate, the price of Brent (marker=bre) and so on...


              I would like to perform two kind of simulations: STANDARD and AGREGATED. This last according to two kind of calculation methods: RATIOS and SPREAD.


              This aggregated simulation is my problem. I called it "AGGREGATED" because I want to calculate the exposure aggregating my markers (risk factor) in marker2.


              In my datasource (I have only one table) I have a row for each combination of marker and marker2 but I don't want to use all the combination but only those I choose in presentation layer.


              For example:


              In the STANDARD simulation I calculate the exposure to risk for all the risk factor listed in marker field (bre, afr, gip)


              Marker  Exposure

              bre        10

              afr         20

              gip         5


              In the AGGREGATED simulation I want to aggregate all in one row for the marker2 "bre" according to this choice:


              marker  marker2

              bre         bre

              afr          bre

              gip         bre


              Attention: i would like to take this choice in the presentation layer.


              Marker2  Exposure

              bre           35


              In my datasource I have all the possible combination of marker and marker2 with the relative exposure


              I attach my qlik app.


              It's very difficult for me to explain my work but please try to help me.


              thanks a lot