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    date in chart dimension x axis



      If i have this expression


      =sum({<TimeTypeKey={1},DimDate2.NumericDateClean={'$(vRollingMonth)'}>} "[FactQVTimeRegistered].TimeRegistered")


      I get data 6months back and 6 months forward.


      The data is on day level, but it is 365 days. So if i show 365 on my x axis it will be pretty long - Is it possible to make an internval instead?


      My data is organized so from eg. 1januar sales grows until 31 januar, and then on the 1 feburar it starts all over.



      Is it possible to show this on day level with internval? so i dont have to show 365 days? - I dont wont to show month because then i will only get the total for this.


      I want to show it on day level without x asix being on day level..


      Hope you know what i mean