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    QlikView Milliseconds till 3 Decimal Issue

    Jaspal Singh

      Hello All,

      I am interested to know that if QlikView Round of the Milliseconds till 3 decimal?

      As I tried to Load Date Time from Excel in QlikView, which contains Timestamp till 5 Decimal of milleseconds.

      So if  Date is "01-Jan-2013 10:00:00 123456" then QlikView will represent "01-Jan-2013 10:00:00 123000".

      Do anyone know the reason behind it?

      Might be it is not practical to have milliseconds calculation for more than 3 Decimal, but QlikView should not do rounding or must have return same value as expected.


      Let me know if anyother solution is there to resolve this.

      I am using QlikView 11.2. I tried to change TimestampFormat to but no use.


      Thanks in Advance