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    Expression related problem

    Dilip Dolui
      Dear all,
      I am working with a problem:


      There are three list boxes to select the financial year range, quarter and months respectively in our application
      each of which can serve as a filter.


      We are trying to make a report showing the customer-wise total sales of the previous financial year(first measure column),
      that of the current financial year(second measure column), the corresponding indicator (next column) and the corresponding percentage.


      The indicator(for each rows in the report) will be calculated as:
      if the total sales of the current year is greater than that of the previous then 'Growth',
      if it's less the 'De-growth' and if it's equal then 'No-growth'.


      The percentage(for each rows in the report) will be calculated as
      For e.g. 'Growth': (Total number of rows with indicator='Growth'/Total number of rows displayed in the report)*100.
      The same logic will be followed for the other two indicators also.


      We need to create another summary report based on the outcome of the above report considering the indicators as the
      dimension and their percentage values and total values.
      Thus this report will contain three columns:
      1. Indicator: showing one of the aforesaid value (i.e. 'Growth'/'De-growth'/'No-growth')
      2. Corresponding percentage value.
      3. Corresponding total values.


      The logic for calculating the total value for each indicator will be as:


      For 'Growth': The sum total of all the (Total sale value or previous year-That of the current year)
      for which indicator='Growth' in the first report. The same logic will be followed for the other
      indicators too in order to get the corresponding total value.


      This is our urgent requirement.


      We are attaching the application herewith.
      The first report heading is given as the "Main Report" and the next one as "Summary Report".


      Please do reply if you need any more information.


      Thanks in advance.


      Best regards,