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    Launch application on a server from a client



      I have deployed one of my qlikview applications on a server, and I would like this app to be able to execute a javascript file each time one of its sheet is activated.


      Thus, I have set a trigger on the activation of that sheet which execute the following macro :


      sub launch

           set app = ActiveDocument.GetApplication

           app.Launch ".\Sources\extraction.js", ""

      end sub


      It's just supposed to execute the file extraction.js, and it works correctly until I try to access my application from another machine than the server.


      Indeed, it seems that this macro tries to retrieve the javascript file on the device accessing the application. For example, when I open the application on my server, via the access point, the file is found and executed whereas when I launch the application via the access point from another laptop, nothing happens.


      I've also tried to copy the javascript file on the client machine, and this time the file is executed... but on the client machine, not on the server, which is what I would like to.


      Right now, I've planned a task that windows will run but I would prefer the javascript code to be executed by qlikview. Does anyone has any idea on this?


      Thanks in advance.