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    Using Alternate State On One Sheet to Nullify Selections Made on Other Sheet



      I am using alternate state on a sheet to nullify the selections made on other sheet. Please help me know if the values populated in charts will be independent of selections made on other sheet?


      Eg. I have two sheets SHEET1 and SHEET2. There are two list boxes PRODUCT and MONTH in SHEET1 which are always one selected. In SHEET2 I have a pie chart showing sales contribution of different products and a straight table showing month wise sales of each product. I am using a variable for populating the table. If I use alternate state TEST in SHEET2, and pie and straight table in SHEET2 are in "inherited" state will the selection made in SHEET1 impact values on SHEET2?


      PS: I am using a variable to populate straight table in SHEET2.


      I would appreciate if anyone can help me with few best practices to be followed while using alternate state.

      For eg. While using alternate state $ in set analysis should not be used.since it will populate values according to current selections and not according to alternate state selections