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    Governance Dashboard: Why do you use other system tools (as well)?

    Tyler Waterfall

      I am seeking your feedback on on the QlikView Governance Dashboard 1.0 GA available on QlikMarket and on the QlikView download site.

      As you may or may not know, the Governance Dashboard provides visibility into your QlikView deployment, showing operational statistics for server and publisher and also extensive metadata about QVWs, QVDs, QVXs including data lineage, sheet objects, expressions, etc.


      For those currently using the Dashboard (or who have deliberately chosen not to use the Dashboard), I am interested in knowing why you use other tools (e.g. Ops Monitor, MetaScanner, or a home grown/other tool(s)) to monitor and manage your QlikView deployment.  Any feedback and questions would be great! I will use this feedback in prioritizing and, where needed, augmenting open requests for future releases of the Dashboard.


      Thank you! Gracias! Obrigado!