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    Selection back by second click on same Item does not work anymore

    Peter Schulz



      I see a strange behaviour with my selections in a table (pivot or straight)


      Earlier this day:

      I could click an item, for example the first field in a row of a table, to reduce visible data shown. A second click on the same item brought me back to the view with full dataset.



      I click on the same item, but a second click doesn't bring me back to the full view. So I'm forced to click on "Back". If I clicked twice on the table Item, I have to click twice on the "Back"-Button to get the full view on my values.


      Sure I made some development in between, but i don't have a clue which change(s) could be the reason for this strange behaviour.


      I think this behaviour happens in bar charts too sometimes.


      If anybody has hint where to watch or perhaps where to "click" to reactivate the usual behaviour i would be very glad.