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    Performance - Set Analysis vs IF Statements

      Hi Experts,


      I have a huge reference application that has dashboards for pretty much all areas of our organization. I use this as a validation app to cross check numbers with other apps before releasing. This is one of the first app that I built and used if conditions in the expressions though out. It has 20+ sheets and have many charts in each sheet with multiple expression. Obiviously , the performance is terrible. I was thinking of replacing all the "if statements" with "set analysis".


      So my question is , Is it worh spend time converting to "Set Analysis"? Does it improve performance significantly?



      Form :

      sum(if( ORD_STATUS = 'Complete' AND Approval ='Y' AND Type = 'Web Sales',(if(InYear(ORDER_DATE, (today()),-1), AMT)),0))



      sum({$<ORD_STATUS = {'Complete'}, Approval = {'Y'} ,Type = {'Web Sales'}, ORD_YR= {"$(=num(Year(Today(0))-1))"}, >}AMT)



      Aji Paul.