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    Tables added in qlikview app in access point

    Johan De Schutter




      We have 1 user who openen a document via the access point.

      For doing further analyses, he added some extra tables in a qlikview application.


      He is the only one who can see those tables, this is normal because you can not save a document opened via the access point.

      When he right clicks one of those tables and he clicks remove, the table stays.


      So it is not possible to remove them again.We even can not move them, or can not see properties of them.


      This is allready there for 2 months, the qlikview server as wel as the workstation that opened the document in the access point did allready reboot.



      Does anyone has a suggestion how to remove thos tables?



      We are using QV11.20SR2


      Kindest regards