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    Sets within sets

    Frank Mogavero



      I have a chart that displays the past three years and current YTD DollarAmount. This is broken down by two types.

      Please excuse the lack of code formatting. I read the document followed the steps outlined therein and have not been able to paste in the code.

      Currently I have:


      =sum({1<year = {$(vYearOne)},month={"*"}>}DollarAmount)


      vYearOne is a variable that resolves to last year. There are two other variables for the previous years. Months should be selectable for the current year only. Type should change with the selection. So expression total from 2012 should include all of the months but change according to the type.


      I would like to be able to include the current set type



      =sum({1<year = {$(vYearOne)},month={"*"}, type={$}>}DollarAmount)


      I am not sure how to go about this. I would appreciate any ideas/assistance.