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    Data paging issue - Synchronize table with bar chart

      Hi guys,


      I am coming across an issue synchronizing a table with a bar chart put next to it, both of which are being controlled via pagination. Here is the problem statement -




      In the attached qvw file, a stacked bar chart is laid next to a straight table with 10 rows visible at a time (controlled via Paging).


      As can be seen, 3 pages are available. On page 1 and 2, 10 rows each are available due to which perfect alignment exists between the table and the bar chart. However, on page 3, only 1 row is available. Due to this data, the bar chart automatically sizes to adjust to the total area available for the bar chart. Is there a way to avoid this, so that perfect alignment is still maintained between the last row in the table and the bar chart (Page 3)? "


      Kindly let me know if there is a way to avoid the bar chart axis to auto-adjust itself with the data available (or in another words, keep the number of bars to be consistent i.e. 10).