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    Diagram not showing all data - plz help

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I'm building a diagram from personell data.

      After a lot of trying and after four or five resident loads, I have a table with one record per employee with the holiday_budget he had at year's start, the nr of days he's taken and the nr. of days he has planned - and a nr. of days he has neither taken nor planned.

      => Out of this last figure (days not taken nor planned), I want to build my diagram.


      My dilemma is this:

      - I can see by using the system_fields that my final table has 483 records - that's 483 employees who had a holiday_budget <> 0 at year's start.

      - I use the interval_match function to group these into categories

      - The upper limit of every category is my dimension (x-axis) for the diagram

      - On the y-axis (formula) I display the nr. of employees within that category.

      <=> Even though I know I have enough categories (I have one or two on either side which don't appear, so I guess that means there is no data in those),

              the total count is wrong: Instead of 483 (as are in the underlying table), in the categories I only have a total of 373.


      I am totally puzzled by this. Can anybody explain to me what might be the reason I'm missing out on 110 employees?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,



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          Friedrich Hofmann



          I have found it out - only it doesn't help because I don't understand it ;-)

          When I untick the checkbox to "hide Null values" on the dimension, there are the 110 missing emps.

          But what does that mean - my dimension is not the emp_no (PN), but a category - those 110 are not in any of those categories, but still there are no categories around the ones I have where I might be losing out on someone?!


          I blublubludrdrdrdrwaawaa... it's way too warm for this kind of thinking.