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    Can't login to .qvw on access point as admin



      I'm having an issue where I have user/passwords defined using Section Access.


      When I open my .qvw in Qlikview, I can use my defined admin user name and password just fine, but when I login to the .qvw via the Access Point, it won't accept my user/pass.  What is odd is that if I use one of the user/pass combos for a defined user, I can login. 


      Very odd behavior.  Any thoughts??  Thanks!

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          Bill Britt

          I would have to see the Section Access load to see what might be the issue. If another user/pw will work and yours will not, then something is wrong with that account. Also, when you login to accesspoint and open a document that has section access applied, everyone is an user even if you have them listed as an administrator.



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              Hi BIll,


              Here is my script:


              SECTION Access;

              LOAD * Inline [

              ACCESS,                    USERID,                    PASSWORD,          HEALTHGOAL

              ADMIN,                    ADMIN,                    ADMIN,

              USER, COACH1, HEALTHY,                     YES

              USER, COACH2,                    HEALTHY,           YES




              SECTION Application;


              So I'm trying to reduce the data on load if Coach1 or Coach2 login and Healthgoal = Yes, while still letting me log in as an admin and see all the data.


              Perhaps your last sentence is what I need to fix--just list a user that is technically the "admin," but has no value for the data reduction field in the section access script.