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    Loading from database vs text file (rounding)

      I'm seeing some weird behavior when loading from a text file vs directly from the database.  My test is database -> text file -> QV vs. database -> QV.  When loading from the db, the amount fields appear to be rounding.  For example:


      Text file row:



      QV value when loading from text file:  -6112.9157

      QV value when loading directly from the db:  -6112.92


      The SQL for loading the txt file is exactly the same as what's used to load QV directly (just a select * with a where clause).  Any idea what this behavior could be related to?





      UPDATE:  If i change the SQL within QV to "cast(amt as varchar(20)) as amt" then it shows up with 4 decimal places and doesn't round.  Could this be an issue with the ODBC driver rounding on the way in?