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    Using Custom user in SBE

    Arun Goel

      Dear All,


      Can we use custom users in SBE (Without publisher.)

      Basically i want to know the conditions to use Custom users.


      I have found that we cannot do this without DMS, is it right.

      And for DMS we need EE.



      Basically my client want that their user can change ppassword through QV end.

      For that i think we need to go for custom user, or are there other ways to do this.


      Please Suggest.......




      Arun Goel

        • Re: Using Custom user in SBE
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Arun,


          Custom users are not available in Small Business Edition of Server license. If the user wants to change passwords from QlikView, though, you can create a Windows script linked to a web page that allows the user do that, because it's not the "QlikView password" but their OS password.


          For NTFS users, changing passwords is usually as easy as use Ctrl + Alt + Del, then select from their workstations Change Password.


          Hope that makes sense.