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    Governance dashboard profile directory error....?

      Hi all


      I'm new to QV and am trying to configure the Gov DB on my laptop against a number of QVW's I've created.


      I've followed the instructions to set the Gov DB up but I'm getting the followig error when clickig on 'validate inputs and paths'.....


      any ideas?



      Script line error:
      LET vErrorMessage = 'Profile' & ' directory does not exist, cannot be reached, or is empty.' & chr(10) & 'Please validate path: ' & 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\Governance_1.0\profiles\default

      ' & chr(10) 'NOTE: If you are referencing a UNC share, you must point to a subfolder within the UNC root and not directly to the root folder.'