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    2 or more header



      I have a excel file. It looks something like this as exemple

           1                 2                  3                4                             5                 Column

           Morning                 |         Afternoon                    |               Time

           In                Out     |         In               Out           |

           8:00            12:00  |         12:30          16:00        |              XXX



      And in the List box it looks like this


           [1]                   [2]             [3]                    [4]                    [5]               Listname

           Morning           Out            Afternoon          Out                    Time

           In                    12:00         In                     16:00                   XXX

           8:00                                  12:30



      I would like that it doesn't show the words just the times.


           [1]                    [2]               [3]                        [4]                  [5]

           8:00                 12:00          12:30                     16:00              XXX



      How can I do that?

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          please upload an example file.


          Thank you.



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              are you setting it up correctly when you add your excel to the import file? there should be a column names in first row button to tick which should fix your problem.

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                  Thanks it was a problem in the setting by importing.

                  When you go to Import it the first window has the option on the right top "Header Size" there you can say i would like to have the first 4 linse as header and then he deletes it.


                  I also had the problem that i have some information at the end which are not needed. So at the second step you can click "Enable Transformation Step" there you mark the lines which we dont wont to see and push "Delete Marked".


                  I hope all with the same problem understand my explenation