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    scatter chart formula group description

    Ralf Becher

      Hello folks,

      we have a scatter chart (with an underlaying map; formula x is long, y is lat) with a third formula z (the bubbles) that is a group of formulas (let's say there is revenue, costs and profit) where you can choose one by the displayed button. But, there is no way to display the choosed formula description. Neither on layout properties nor with a diagram function (for the header e.g.).

      On QV 10 I would use a Container with multiple diagrams, but we're still on QV 9... [;)]

      Any help will be appreciated!

      - Ralf

        • scatter chart formula group description
          John Witherspoon

          I workaround I've used is to create a dimension group of the fields:


          Then just have ONE expression, but do it like this:

          pick(match(getcurrentfield("My Group"),'Revenue','Cost','Profit')

          Now you just need to get your dimension group onto your chart where you'd normally see the expression group or wherever else you want it. I think sometimes it works if you just add the dimension group as another dimension. But you can also create some other object that has absolutely no purpose except to display the dimension group. I can figure out how I've hacked it together if you can't work it out from there.

          If I remember correctly, my dimension group object is usually NOTHING but the little circular icon. I position it in the chart title, and make the chart title =' ' & getcurrentfield("My Group"), left justified, with enough spaces to make room for the icon.

          Edit: OK, I found one of my applications that does this. I created a bar chart with the group as the dimension, no expression, don't display the caption, and changed the "all expressions disabled" error message to blank. That leaves you with nothing but the little icon to select the "expression" for your chart. Shrink the size of the window to barely show the icon, put it on the top layer, and drop it anywhere on your chart that you want it.