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    Y axis alignment

    Jay Edgson



      Does anyone know how to allign the left and right y - values so that when a grid is displayed the horizontal lines for each are in the same place.


      From the below I would like the 50 (on the left) to align to the 0.5 (on the right) etc...





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          Florian Pennetzdorfer

          Did you try to assign static Min/Max/Step? (Chart Properties > Axes tab)




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              Jay Edgson

              Thanks Florian,  I did try that however my min/max/step had to be dynamic.  I was writing a response to your post and got thinking of this and came up with a solution using the min/max/step as you suggested however using an expression to calculate the values.


              One of the issues was that the figures for the expression in the image I posted can change and therefore the min/max values change and the number of steps would change.  Another problem I had was that I had other expressions in the same chart that where hidden with a conditional show and the min/max values for these where also completely different.


              Thanks for your response anyhow as it made me think a bit more about what I was doing.