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    How to show next process (descr.)

    Peter Schulz



      I have 2 tables Orders and suborders.


      I have a straight table with orders as dimension and some expressions. And what I want to show is the description of the next suborder.

      I think I have to create a field in the script in the Orders table, which saves this for me.


      I don't find a way to show it in the table. I can show the max(ID_suborder) and the number of suborders to come. So i could calculate the ID_suborder for the next suborder. Something like =max(ID_suborder) - open_suborders + 1 ...


      open_suborders = count(IF(Status=1,suborder))  ... just for the record.


      But even with this number I'm not able to show the description.


      I tried this IF(max(ID_suborder) - open_suborders + 1 = ID_suborder, Description,'No Orders')  ... Its not obvious for me why this don't works.


      Do I have to code this into the script and generate an extra field? I can't believe that this can be so hard to show.


      I think it should be the first ID_suborder with Status=1



      Thank you for any hints..