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    jobs hang

    zhen pan


      We have a server/publish 10 running on our Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise.


      When I reload the qlikview file on desktop, it seems to be OK.


      However, if I scheduled the job on the server/publisher, the jobs hang.


      I then separate the qvw into generating the qvd files and then create the dashboard and ran them on sequence, they still hang.


      According to our system engineer the drives are local but not phycial connected.


      Any suggestions are appreciated!

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          Bill Britt

          Make sure the service account has rights to everything like  the logon user has. You can try to test this by logging in as the service account and try running the script in the desktop.




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            Rob Wunderlich

            Best guess is that you are getting a pop up error or configuration dialog from the ODBC connection. If you can't log on as the service account, check the Windows Event Log (Application) for application popup messages at the time of the hang.





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                zhen pan


                Thanks for the suggestions

                here is the log:


                Request failed (Alternate get): System.Net.HttpListenerException: An operation was attempted on a nonexistent network connection

                at System.Net.HttpResponseStream.Dispose(Boolean disposing)

                at System.IO.Stream.Close()

                at System.Net.HttpResponseStream.ComputeLeftToWrite()

                at System.Net.HttpResponseStream.Write(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size)

                at QMS.BackstageWebServer.RespondFileContent(String filename, HttpListenerResponse response, HttpListenerContext context, Boolean isDocumentAdmin)

                at QMS.BackstageWebServer.HandleAlternateGet(HttpListenerContext context, Boolean isDocumentAdmin)



                What does this tell me. Is it a network problem? but other jobs ran on the same disk.