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    Getfieldselections() order

    Fabian Heidenstecker



      can anybody explain to me how QlikView deals with the selection order?


      I want to build a qlikview tab with a listbox. This tab should contain 4 charts and some listbox. The user can make selections in the listboxes.

      The charts calculate based on selections that are made in a certain listbox (Country). So when the user selects 4 countries, the charts should build up in the order the user has made his selections.

      I can't get this order figured out!


      I used a variable that holds the following function

      Trim(TextBetween(',' & GetFieldSelections($1) & ',', ',', ',', $2))


      I call that variable in a set analsys formula, with the number of the selected item as a parameter

      sum({<Country={$(=$(GetFieldSelection(Country,1)))}>} Sales)


      When i set the fields sort order to alphabetical it works, but like it said, if a call this function with the parameter 3 it should display the country i selected as third, but not the third country in alphabetical order....


      Any Ideas?