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    Qlikview Table Charts - Advance Customization



      I would need a table chart appear in Qlikview something similar to the one in the attached screen shot.


      1) I need to customize the border of the table. (I need to group few columns together)

      2) The color of the row depends on the type of data it displays (There are only two types of data for me, so either dark or light color) but it will not be alternative always, the same type data might repeate twice or even thrice continuously. (So, I cannot use striped color features in chat presentation).


      I first need to know, if it is possible to customize a chart table to that level. If it is possible please throw some suggestion of how it can be done.

      This is very simple to do in XL but would like to know if Qlikview has such options.


      Thanks in advance.


      Table ScreenShot.JPG