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    Problem with Variable

      Hi All,


      New to QV & slowly getting to grips with the syntax for QV expressions and have come across a problem using variables.


      I have a variable defined: v_subsect where the value is SUBSECTION_DESC (without an equals) using this in a straight table with a dollar sign $(v_subsect) produces the correct result in that for each line on the table (representing a product) the correct Sub-Section is diplayed.


      I have come up against issues trying to use the variable in a set analysis within the same straight table.


      for example to give the total revenue for the sub-section a product belongs to I tried:









      neither of which produced a value at all.


      Does anybody have any ideas as to where I am going wrong??





      PS - whilst I understand sharing the QV would be helpful, unfortunately I cannot do so due to business restrictions!