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    Directory Service Provider SDK / API?

      I am looking for details for creating a custom Directory Service Provider (DSP).  I have found a version 10 example but no details for the actually SDK / API. Is it hidden away in the APIGuide and I just don't realize it?  If not would someone know where to find this information?


      Note:  This is for Version 11 of QlikView.

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          Mike, have you obtained any additional information about this?


          It would be really, really great of someone could answer this question. I'm digging though the QlikView 11 SDK and guidance for developing a DSP is conspicuously absent. The most recent thing I can find is in the QlikView 10 SDK and we are also on QlikView.

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            I got my custom DS provider to load into the QEMC today. I was developing against a slight out of date PublisherSDK.dll (version 10 instead of version 11). It really appears to be all you need to develop this kind of thing. Here's how I recommend you proceed.


            1. Get a copy of PublisherSDK.dll from your QlikView 11 Server.
              C:\Program Files\QlikView\Directory Service Connector folder.
            2. You can download the QlikView 10 SDK. It's the only place I found anything resembling documentation. There's a example for an XLM based provider. It's out of date relative to QlikView 11, but it's close enough to get you moving forward.
            3. You'll have to implement interfaces (found in the new PublisherSDK.dll) named IDirectoryServiceProvider, ICleanupDirectoryServiceProvider and IFileSystemHandler. These are in namespaces DirectoryServiceProvider2 and Filesystem.
            4. On your QlikView server, stop the QlikView Directory Service Connection service, install you're own plug-in DLL in the C:\Program Files\QlikView\Directory Service Connector\DSPlugins folder on your QlikView server and then restart the QlikView Directory Service Connection service.

            If you've fully implemented the required interfaces you should now see your plug in the list of directory service providers in the QEMC.


            I hope this is helpful.