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    AccessPoint stuck at Loading Content

      I have recently installed QV 11 SR2 on Server 2012 and I'm having some issue getting AccessPoint to work.  When I browse to the page I see the progress bar that reads loading content, but nothing appears to load.  I'm using IIS but strangley the QMC tells me that QVWS is running when I never installed the QV Web Service. I know that needs to be disabled when using IIS however I don't see the QVWS listed under services on the server.


      Has anyone else had this issue or have any idea what I should check next?


      Oy...I should have dug deeper into this forum.  Many people with the same problem with possible solutions.  Just to note.  I have confirmed that the QV App Pool is utilizing .NET v4.0.  I've basically mirrored all of the settings from my old system to the new.