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    Need some help installing Workbench

    Mike Galvez

      We purchased a license for Workbench, and I have all the pieces in place (I think). I have a fresh install of Windows 7 enterprise, Visual Studio, etc.. When I try to install the Workbench.exe application, it gets to ther part where it asks you to enter the URL ofthe web folder to use for new QlikView workbench projects, and when I type in the URL path of our server's QvAjaxZfc folder it says the URL is not correct and stalls.


      I can get to our server access point from the workstation. Our server uses SSL (port 443), so I'm using the https://our.server.domain/QvAjaxZfc/ URL. When I sniff the http session between the workstation and server, it appears the URL is getting munged with the host name of the workstation.


      GET http://fa-css-dcgl4g1https//qlik1.our.domain.edu/QvAjaxZfc/Heartbeat.aspx HTTP/1.1
      Host: fa-css-dcgl4g1https
      Proxy-Connection: Keep-Alive


      Not using SSL isn't an option for us. Is there a way around this?