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    Users cannot login to Accesspoint when using domain name & plugin link

      Hi everyone,


      We are experiencing an error that I can't seem to get to the bottom of. We have users who cannot login to Accesspoint...but only when using the domain name of the server, i.e. http://domain name/qlikview. Whenever they use the ip address, authentication (Active Directory) works fine and users can log in and see all the documents etc. What is clear is that using the http://domain name/qlikview address is correctly finding the server (as you can see it in the background), but when authentication fails you only see the loading bar (without actually loading anything). Also, if we do not use Internet Explorer (e.g. Mozilla/Chrome), the domain name does work and we can authenticate correctly, although the document defaults to the AJAX version/rather than the plugin version.


      For reference, we use Windows server 2012 and are using IIS 8 together with QlikView. As you can tell from the above, we also expect users to be using the IE plugin.


      For further background, I have read a variety of blogs & posts and have already set settings like the ISAPI & CGI Restictions and have Windows Authentication enabled - unfortunately these have not resolved my problem.


      Any help would be much appreciated!