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    Is there a dummies guide to developing Document Extensions?

      Or just some best practices to follow when creating your own ones?


      Currently I'm doing the following:


      1. Create folder for Extension, containing
        • Definition.xml
        • Script.js
        • style.css
      2. Copy the folder to C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\QlikTech\QlikView\Extensions\Document
        • It now should appear as a document extension
      3. Open up my .qvw document in QlikView desktop
      4. Add my new extension to the document then save
      5. Deploy my Document onto QlikView Server
      6. Deploy my Extension to QlikView Server
      7. Browse to the Access Point in my browser (Chrome), then open the document
      8. On the server itself, explore to where I deployed the Extension and open up the Script.js and style.css files


      ...and now I'm ready to start working on my Document Extension, make changes to the files, refresh, debug and inspect in my browser.


      Is there an easier way of doing this?