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    Expression is returning incorrect results



      I have been trying to make a chart that shows each person in the group's open tasks, and group them by how long they have been open.

      We know ia job is open becauase it doesnt have a completed date populated.

      We know when the job was created to calculate the length of time open with (from today).



      Here is my Expression to identify open tasks:

      NumericCount (if(((ows_Task_x0020_Completed = '') and (ows_Task_x0020_Created < Today())),%Key_xml_98C49F546A18E856



      Here is my dimension to divide into more and less than 60 days groups:


      = if((Today() - ows_Task_x0020_Created >=60), 'Past 60 days', 'Less than 60 days')


      Here is a shot of the data that should contribute to this graph, with Tasks with completed dates removed:




      The difficulty I am having is that the chart is clearly wrong. Brandon should have 3 tasks not 4, Colin should have 7 tasks not 9 (four of Colins open tasks should not show up becuase they are scheduled for after the report is ran, 8/1/13). PLease help me figure out what I did wrong here.