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    VBScript Failure on Macro

    Alejandro Cortada
      Hi All,
      We need to pull data from an internal webserivce in our company and was thinking in doing via VBscript macro.
      I need to create various functions for each step, create session, close session, request and manage the response to finalize in a qvd.
      I'm not a programmer and I hardly managed to write the below Sub for the sessioncreate, which is failing as "Syntax error, Macro parse failed", obvioulsy I have
      mistaken somewhere between the first two lines since it is highlighted when fails.
      Any assistance and guidance will be greatly appreciated!
      Sub SessionCreate
      Namespace com.Company.WebServiceConsumer.Res
             Class SessionCreateRQClient
              ' <summary>
              ' The main entry point.
              ' </summary>
              <STAThread()> _
              Private Shared Sub Main(ByVal args As String())
                      ' Set user information, including security credentials and the location.
                      Dim username As String = "user"
                      Dim password As String = "password"
                      Dim ipcc As String = "Location"
                      Dim domain As String = "DEFAULT"
                      Dim temp As String = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("tmp")
                      ' Get temp directory
                      Dim PropsFileName As String = temp & "/session.properties"
                      ' Define dir and file name
                      Dim dt As DateTime = DateTime.UtcNow
                      Dim tstamp As String = dt.ToString("s") & "Z"
                      'Create the message header and provide the conversation ID.
                      Dim msgHeader As New MessageHeader()
                      msgHeader.ConversationId = "TestSession"
                      ' Set the ConversationId
                      Dim from As New From()
                      Dim fromPartyId As New PartyId()
                      Dim fromPartyIdArr As PartyId() = New PartyId(0) {}
                      fromPartyId.Value = "WebServiceClient"
                      fromPartyIdArr(0) = fromPartyId
                      from.PartyId = fromPartyIdArr
                      msgHeader.From = from
                      Dim [to] As New [To]()
                      Dim toPartyId As New PartyId()
                      Dim toPartyIdArr As PartyId() = New PartyId(0) {}
                      toPartyId.Value = "WebServiceSupplier"
                      toPartyIdArr(0) = toPartyId
                      [to].PartyId = toPartyIdArr
                      msgHeader.[To] = [to]
                      msgHeader.CPAId = Location
                      msgHeader.Action = "SessionCreateRQ"
                      Dim service As New Service()
                      service.Value = "SessionCreate"
                      msgHeader.Service = service
                      Dim msgData As New MessageData()
                      msgData.MessageId = "mid:20001209-133003-2333@company.com1"
                      msgData.Timestamp = tstamp
                      msgHeader.MessageData = msgData
                      Dim security As New Security()
                      Dim securityUserToken As New SecurityUsernameToken()
                      securityUserToken.Username = username
                      securityUserToken.Password = password
                      securityUserToken.Organization = location
                      securityUserToken.Domain = domain
                      security.UsernameToken = securityUserToken
                      Dim req As New SessionCreateRQ()
                      Dim pos As New SessionCreateRQPOS()
                      Dim source As New SessionCreateRQPOSSource()
                      source.PseudoCityCode = ipcc
                      pos.Source = source
                      req.POS = pos
                      Dim serviceObj As New SessionCreateRQService()
                      serviceObj.MessageHeaderValue = msgHeader
                      serviceObj.SecurityValue = security
                      Dim resp As SessionCreateRS = serviceObj.SessionCreateRQ(req)
                      ' Send the request
                      If resp.Errors IsNot Nothing AndAlso resp.Errors.[Error] IsNot Nothing Then
                          Console.WriteLine("Error : " + resp.Errors.[Error].ErrorInfo.Message)
                          msgHeader = serviceObj.MessageHeaderValue
                          security = serviceObj.SecurityValue
                          Console.WriteLine("Response of SessionCreateRQ service")
                          Console.WriteLine("BinarySecurityToken returned : " + security.BinarySecurityToken)
                          Dim ConvIdLine As String = "convid=" + msgHeader.ConversationId
                          ' ConversationId to a string
                          Dim TokenLine As String = "securitytoken=" + security.BinarySecurityToken
                          ' BinarySecurityToken to a string
                          Dim ipccLine As String = "Location=" & Location
                          ' Clean up
                          Dim tw As TextWriter = New StreamWriter(PropsFileName)
                          ' Create & open the file
                          ' Write the date for reference
                          ' Write the BinarySecurityToken
                          ' Write the ConversationId
                      End If
                  Catch e As Exception
                      Console.WriteLine("Exception Message : " & e.Message)
                      Console.WriteLine("Exception Stack Trace : " & e.StackTrace)
                  End Try
              End Sub
          End Class
      End Namespace
      End Sub


      Thanks Alejo.