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    I'm new to qliwview  was asked this question in a job interview

      Qlikview’s timestamp is a real number. The integer is the number of days from a given date (1899-12-30) the remainder is time. It is often necessary to work with the Qlikview timestamp, normally using the time for one purpose or another, so it is necessary to know how to convert time to Qlikview’s timestamp. This is done as follows: To calculate 1 second you simply divide 1 by 24 to give you hours then by 60 to give you minutes and finally by 60 again to give you seconds i.e. 1 / 24 / 60 / 60.

      Knowing this you are given a timestamp, you are asked to remove 2H30 from the time, and then return only the time (i.e. the remainder) from the real number. Explain how you would do this using basic programming methods.

      Please assit me with answers thank you