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    Basic Bar Chart Help please



      I am a newcomer to Qlikview and have just started to build my first proper report. I'm stumped with a bar chart I'm trying to create.


      what I want to show is how many calls we receive per day, so on the x axis, I want the date, and the y axis is the number of calls.


      I've got my chart set up as so:

      Dimensions =Date(CreatedDateTime)

      Expression =Count(ContactID)


      Yet I still end up with a series of '1's in my chart (as shown in attached screenshot).


      CreatedDateTime is a DateTime field in my database, and I only want to track calls by day at the moment, not by the time of the call.


      How can I group these by the date?


      Many apologies that this is probably such a simple question, feeling like a right dunce and I can't find anything sensible in the Developer or Designer course documentation.




      Thanks for any hints or tips.