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    Excel formula

    André Costa

      Hi everyone...I have quite a big project with qlikview, with lots of formulas and I was thinking of some way to optimize its calculation...I tought of an excel file, with the formulas in QV syntax and in QV, where I need the value to be displayed I just invoke the correct line of the excel.


      Is this possible?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi andrefpc,


               Could you please explain your situation with an example. It would be easier to understand whats the problem if there was a scenario.




          Best Regards,


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              André Costa

              Hi Ram, thanks for your reply!  Basically I my excel spreadsheet would have 2 columns, one with the ID and one with the formula:


              ID      Formula

              1       =sum({somekindofsetanalysis} $(amountofsales))


              And in QV where I need to know the amount of sales, I'll just invoke the Excel line, based on the ID attribute, not quite sure wether this is possbile and if is the correct approach.