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    Click on chart values to open a detail sheet


      I need to have a chart with aggregated values displayed. When one clicks on any value, it should open a new sheet with the details.

      For example: say I have a chart with the data as


      Product   Count(Cust)

      P1                   3

      P2                   14

      P3                    5

      P4                    7


      Note: P1, P2,... are the products. and the corresponding numbers are the count of customers for each product.


      Now when I click on 14, it should open a new sheet with the details of those 14 customers, their names, other details etc.

      Similarly, when I click on 5 it should take me to the sheet with details of those 5 customers.


      Please suggest if this is achievable in Qlikview.


      Thanks in advance.