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    Ignore Values in Time Series Chart



      I have a time series chart that uses date values formatted as year + week number (yyyyww), but my chart is including week numbers between 53 and 99 (which obviously don't exist) and shows huge gaps in my data as a result.  Is there a way to automatically skip over these values and go straight from week 52 of one year to week 1 of the following year?


      I've tried various dimension limits but with no success.  Any help is much appreciated!

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Try creating the year-week field as: dual(weekyear(MyDate)&week(MyDate),weekstart(MyDate)). That should get rid of the weird week values

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              Thanks for your help, Gysbert!  I gave it a shot but had the same issue, it's still returning the same week numbers. 


              If I uncheck 'Continuous' in Properties->Axes then those values go away, but then the chart doesn't fit in a single window (it requires scrolling be enabled).  With 'Continuous' checked it behaves the way I was looking for (everything fits in the window regardless of how big the object is) but then it returns those values.


              The alternative is to uncheck continuous and expand the chart size.  Not ideal, but can't find any other way to exclude those values.